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Pure Plant Extracts Australia (PPEA) manufactures plant-based solutions for common health problems.

Our team of experienced scientists have formulated all-natural products to address common health problems. PPEA products are based on a safe extract of plant oils grown and processed in Australia. We tested for efficacy using leading testing authorities in the US and Australia, and the active ingredient is approved (by the US Food and Drug Administration and Food Standards Australia New Zealand) for inclusion in foodstuffs. It's really safe!

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This is a new product based on plant-derived ingredients. The formulation is safe and effective, and we avoid the disadvantages of commonly available repellents such as DEET (diethyl toluamide) and synthetic pyrethroids, which are petrochemicals.

These may irritate skin and eyes, be effective for short periods, and degrade in sunlight.  Mosquitoes have also developed resistance to them. High concentrations of DEET in some consumer products make their use on young children unsuitable.

The new Insect Repellent uses food-grade ingredients derived from plants and is benign yet effective. It is particularly effective against the Audes aegytpi mosquito that transmits dengue and yellow fevers. It shows excellent shelf life and does not feel greasy on the skin, unlike other repellent products.

Like all repellents, it should be re-applied after a period, depending on conditions, to ensure continued protection. Its aqueous formulation is pleasant to the touch and does not stain or damage clothes or shoes.

Persistent skin fungi, particularly on the feet and under toenails, are a widespread and poorly treated health problem, particularly in tropical climates. They are spread in communal bathing and swimming areas, and within families.


Available treatments are unsatisfactory for reasons such as:


  • Compliance is poor - patients need to continue treatment for months, and many abandon it before the infection is eliminated, contributing to further spread

  • Efficacy is low, particularly with topical treatments, and medical practitioners will usually offer systemic treatments that have side-effects, such as terbinafine

  • Some topical treatments are little more than cosmetic, with unproven efficacy 

  • Some treatments are quite expensive, and many sufferers are unable to afford the long-term treatment required


The Skin Antifungal has been tested in state-of-the-art American university laboratories and found to be effective against Trichophyton species, the most common cause of skin fungi.


The product uses plant-derived food-grade ingredients and is benign yet effective. Its aqueous formulation is pleasant to the touch and does not stain or damage clothes or shoes. 

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While the above products are available in both domestic and international markets, there are many in various stages of the pipeline.


Some are about to enter the market; others are in the final testing stages and some are in the development stage. Examples of these products are:

  • Shoe Deodoriser

  • Antibacterial Hand wash

  • ​​Domestic Garden Pesticide

  • Refrigerator Deodoriser

  • Antibacterial Surface Wipe

  • Hair Lice Treatment

  • Anti-mould for Carpets

  • Domestic Dried Fruit Moth Preventative

  • Domestic Flour Weevil Preventative

  • Silverfish Preventative

  • Clothes Moth Preventative

  • Food Preservative

PPEA is a young, vibrant company founded by a great mix of experienced people – scientists with medical and chemical experience and qualifications. Agribusiness people who know how to manage and process crops into organic complementary medicine ingredients. And seasoned investors who have founded and grown innovative businesses to success over decades.

PPEA has discovered new applications for old botanical products – extracts from chemical-free crops that can treat difficult skin fungi and repel dangerous insect pests. Some of the ingredients have been known for thousands of years, and used safely in traditional medicine. They are even approved as food additives. PPEA has taken these and developed new formulations that independent tests have shown can treat skin conditions that otherwise demand expensive, systemic tablets with die-effects and doubtful efficacy.


PPEA continues to innovate. We have a range of new products in development that rely on clean, green Australian plant extracts. New mosquito repellents, lice treatments, tick repellents and a host of others are in the pipeline. Our commitment is to offer safe and effective products, and fill gaps in the drive for health without harmful chemicals.

Pure Plant Extracts Australia welcome enquiries regarding the range, and new partnership opportunities are available.

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